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Italian icecream

Our ice cream is stored in Pozzetti. Pozzetti is the traditional Italian way of storing gelato. You don't see the ice cream as it is kept closed so it has the perfect temperature. 

We keep it simple and only use the best and fair-trade ingredients. Come by and try our 18 sensational flavors like lemon basil, ricotta figs, salted caramel and pistachio (100% pistache nuts) 

Our flavors, we also often offer some special flavors

STRAWBERRY - The strawberry plant belongs to the rose family. In the symbolism, the strawberry stands for short-term pleasure. The fruits have a high vitamin content. Strawberry ice cream is made from the Senga Sengana strawberry and tastes sweet with a fresh tone.

BLOOD ORANGE - This fruit is also known as a wine orange. It originated in the Mediterranean around 1850. It is a derivative of the ordinary orange. The taste of the blood orange ice cream is fresh sweet with a clear sour tone.

LEMON - The lemon tree is the only known tree that bears fruit 4 times a year. The fruit contains a lot of vitamin C: 100 grams of lemon contains 53 mg of vitamin C. Lemon ice cream is made from Sicilian lemons. These are generally considered to be tastiest. You can clearly taste the eccentric sour taste of lemon in the ice.

LEMON BASIL - The name basil comes from the ancient Greek "Basileus" which means king. Basil originated in India. There it is a holy herb. Those Indians chose this herb to take the oath in court. The Greeks granted the herb healing power. In Italy, a pot of basil in front of the window indicated that a woman was looking for a man, and in Mexico people carry a few basil leaves in their pockets to save money. Basil has a refreshing and stimulating effect on the mind. The lemon basil combination gives a fresh, spicy taste.

CHOCOLATE - Cocoa is an important ingredient in chocolate ice cream. The Aztecs associated cocoa with the goddess of fertility. Cocoa used to be drunk alone. It was a luxury product and was mainly consumed by the nobility. Now there are many products with cocoa, of which chocolate ice cream is a big favorite. The ice cream is made of Van Soest dark chocolate and has a full chocolate flavor.

COOKIES - The biscotti is a shortbread with cocoa and chocolate spread. These are splashed through the cream ice cream, mixing the creamy taste with chocolate cookie.

MANGO - The mango is the most important fruit from the tropics after the banana. The mango flower blossom is also edible and provides sweet honey. The mango is native to India where the tree and fruit are sacred. The mango ice cream is made from the Alphonso mango, also from India and has a clear authentic taste.

 LEMON CHEESECAKE - Lemon ice cream with lemon cream and small pieces of grisbi biscuit. This is an Italian biscuit filled with cream. These cookies are made in different flavors and are a popular snack with the Italians. The taste is creamy and fresh at the same time with a nice crispy.

 FIG - Figs are one of the oldest known fruits. Figs were already grown around 9000 BC. Figs are good for digestion. The fig is traditionally used as a medicine for sore throat. Fig ice has a soft taste with small pieces of fig.

HAZELNUT - The most beautiful and tastiest hazelnuts come from Piemonte. The Piedmont hazelnuts are more rounded and have fewer veins, so they contain fewer membranes. We let the hazelnuts burn and salt, so that they come into their own in the ice.

COCONUT PASSION - The coconut is a stone fruit, the flesh of which is fibrous, it is very healthy, improves digestion and contains antioxidants. The coconut ice cream has a creamy tropical flavor with a hint of passion fruit.

PISTACHIO - The pistachios come from Bronte, which lies at the foot of Etna in Sicily. Sicily is the only place in Italy where pistachios are grown. The harvest is once every two years, so that the tree can maintain its strength. The mineral salts in the volcanic earth provide a unique salty aftertaste. The taste of ice cream cannot be described other than real pistachio.

STRACCIATELLA - The name stracciatella (straccia) means "a bit shredded" and is used for multiple dishes in Italy. Think of soup (stracciatella alla Romana) and cheese (processed mozzarella). Stracciatella ice cream has a clear base containing pieces of Van Soest’ chocolate. The chocolate is briefly added to the ice almost at last. As a result, the stracciatella retains the rough craft structure.

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE - The base for cheesecake ice cream is creamy mascarpone, with thick slices of haircut sprinkled with maraschino and delicious wild strawberries. Maraschino is made from the marasque cherry, which gives its characteristic taste, an almond flavor

VANILLA - Vanilla comes from the climbing orchid. The name comes from the Spanish word vanilla (legume peel). The plant is native to Mexico. Today Madagascar is the largest producer of vanilla. The fruits (actually berries) are picked unripe and dried, turning them into a black shiny vanilla pod. The stick contains a vanilla marrow, small black seeds, which make the unique taste of the vanilla ice cream.

YOGURT LIMONCELLO - A combination of creamy yogurt ice cream with lemon. Yogurt Limoncello ice cream does not contain any alcohol percentage. Limoncello is mainly produced in the south of Italy. Traditionally, it is made from Sicilian lemons. The combination provides a fresh ice cream with a slight acidity.


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